CPR Productions prides itself in giving credit where credit is due. A lot of people; musicians, graphic artists, actors, photo contributors, contributed to our project, their names are listed below.

Produced & Directed
Crispin Rosenkranz
Patrick Rosenkranz
Patrick Rosenkranz
M. Rochester
Bryan Kindley
The Allgood Brothers
Music and Bumpity theme interpretations
Special Assistant to Mr. Rosenkranz
Sarah McKinlay
The Bumpity Players
Michael Menger
Bill Barry
Sean Kelly
Joan Freed
M. Rochester
Cheryl Eugenia Barnes
Julian Butler
The Comeback Tour Twosome
Pete Barkett
Paul Barkett
Photographs provided from the collections of
Bob & JoAnn Griggs
Jean W. McNutt
Sharleen Long
E. Larry Day
Frank Parr
Web Design
Materia Confusa
Bob Griggs
JoAnn Griggs
Sharleen Long
Lynn Miller
Steve Mueller
Toni Secanti
Frank Parr
Special Thanks
Catherine Egan
Renee Chauvin
Jennie Clark
Ginny Rosenkranz
Julia Butler
Brian Keith
Jason Ropp
Jean W. McNutt
Lanny Hurst
Mary Goldie
Andrea Milano
Larry Kruger
Trevor Fife
John Burns
Robert Ketchum
Michele Smith
Mary Pedersen
Emily Welch
Multnomah County Library
Northwest Film Center
Portland Mercury
Quest for Freedom
Tears of Joy
Puppet Theater

This film is dedicated to Bob "Bumpity" Griggs
©2001 All rights reserved